about us

About us

We from caresocius want to create a platform connecting patients with healthcare providers internationally. The idea was born 3 years ago, when the Founder's uncle in Morocco was diagnosed of cancer. Finding the right treatment abroad proved a challenging task, bringing the realization that cross-border healthcare has not caught up to the digital age.

Whether receiving a medical treatment plan, with clear cost structure, or communicating across language barriers, caresocius connects people to state of the art medical treatment providers, at any price point, with more than 550 clinics in 12 countries. And with world-class customer service and a growing community of users, caresocius is the easiest way for clinics to monetize their services and showcase them to a global audience.

Our strategic partners

Universität Basel
University of Bahrain
Medical Park Group Turkey
Quironsalud Group Spain
ecenomic development board of Bahrain - EDB

Our product offerings

Treating your problems

By identifying budget, doctors, regions and logistics and providing you with virtual global second opinions at the touch of a button. After sending a treatment request, caresocius connects you with the right provider.

caresocius medical treatment app
international patients management system

International Healthcare made easy

We understand that managing patients can be a difficult task, even more so when it comes to international patients. Our digital solution empowers your team on a global scale.

Why choose Caresocius?


patient empowerment
Patient Empowerment

We empower you to have control about the quality, cost and timeliness of your treatments.

easy planning
Easy Planning

By simplifying medical knowledge needed, integrating your wishes and needs into the selection of experts.

virtual medical tourism
Virtual Medical Tourism

Connecting you with Doctors via Telemedicine, providing expertise to those in need.


marketing platform
Marketing Platform

Providing your Organization with the tools to showcase your expertise internationally.

easy management and support
Easy Management and Support

By standardizing the international patient treatment pathway. We offer a one-stop-shop for communicating and planning.

payment trustee
Payment Trustee

Our Payment Protection adds a level of security to payment processing for health services, giving patients and clinics safety.

Meet the Caresocius team

mohammad blal
Mohammed Blal


Stefano Barber


nick thimianis
Nick Thimianis


khalid sater
Khalid Sater


mark hubert
Mark Hubert


Plan your treatment

We assist you in finding the best treatment provider and plan the procedure accordingly.

Get a second opinion

Expertise should be requested before any medical intervention.