To log in to caresocius, use your username, password and a confirmation code via app, email, or phone. (2way Auth or AuthO)

We currently do not have a claims management functionality integrated in our platform but are working on it. If you need support, you can contact your Care-Team, and submit your insurance information. The Care-Team will try its best to figure out if the treatment is covered under your policy. To help you clarify the details on your own, you can find the treatment plan, cost estimate and destination doctor and clinic in your profile. You can share this information with your health insurance to find out if they support your treatment, before making any commitments.

We can’t ensure support in emergency cases but can support you after first aid and initial treatment has been administered. We can support you, by giving you the possibility to speak to a specialist in your language, to review the diagnosis, medication plan and evaluate different treatment possibilities.

We have limited possibilities in providing emergency medical transports but have different partners providing these services. Contact the Care-Team to find out your options.

Caresocius has partners who can help you receive your visa and support you with communication and treatment planning.

If you forgot your username or password, click "Forgot your password?" at the bottom of the registration form. You can then enter your e-mail address with which you are registered on the caresocius platform. You will then receive an email with your username and a link to set a new password.

You have to login into your account and click on your profile picture to get to the page where you can edit your information.

By identifying budget, doctors, regions, logistics and providing you with virtual global second opinions at the touch of a button. After sending a treatment request, caresocius connects you with the right provider.

We currently accept payments with all common payment methods, including PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Google Pay, etc. We currently do not accept Cryptocurrencies.

You will receive the invoice from your payment provider and from us via e-mail after booking the appointment.

Go to your profile, open the burger-menu on the top right corner, navigate to “Appointments” and select “Request new Schedule”.

Go to your profile, open the burger-menu on the top right corner, navigate to “Documents”. Here you have can view and manage your documents and categories. To remove documents, simply click the “remove” button. To add documents, simply click on the “upload ” button.

If you have acute problems (for example, severe pain, allergic reactions, etc.) we recommend that you visit a local doctor's office or hospital as soon as possible. In case of an emergency, please call the medical emergency service immediately with your local emergency number. General Numbers can be: 911, 112. For more information, you can look up your local number here:


The doctor's profile contains the languages the Doctor speaks. If you need assistance during the call, please let us and the doctor know, so we can add a translator to the call.

Simply contact our Care-Team. You can contact us using the Chat system in the application. We are glad to assist you in your health journey.

We have a review and question system in place, where you can write about your experience with the doctor, be it good or bad.

If you have questions related to medical topics, please contact the doctor directly. If you have questions related to our infrastructure, or the doctor in general, feel free to contact the care-team in the chat below.

If you have already completed your appointment, you will need to book a new appointment, with a different doctor. Otherwise, feel free to cancel your appointment 48 h before the scheduled date, and simply reschedule with a different doctor. Contact the Care-Team if you need help with refunding your payments.

Clinic & Hospital

  • If your doctor does not have the required expertise for your treatment or has advised you to have the treatment elsewhere.
  • If you want to find out if there are other treatment options you can use.
  • If different doctors have given you different recommendations and you need help making a decision.
  • If you have received a definite diagnosis or treatment recommendation.
  • If your doctor has recommended major surgery and you want to make sure it is the best way to help you.
  • If you feel your doctor has not given you enough information about your proposed treatment.
  • If the proposed treatment does not promise a significant improvement in your condition.
  • Our experts will be glad to provide you assistance on this matter.

  • Our experts will be glad to provide you assistance on this matter.
  • Fast and reliable: Possibility of treatment within 24 hours, if it’s urgent.
  • Quick Support: Support whenever it is needed. Easy direct communication via mobile application.
  • Secure data exchange and communication with your doctors through our digital patient file system.
  • Give your opinion and share your experience with others in our community.


Caresocius generally deletes all personal data when the purpose for storing it no longer applies. A continuing purpose may exist in particular if the data is still needed to provide contractual services or to be able to check and grant or defend against warranty and, if applicable, guarantee claims. Data processed on the basis of consent will generally be deleted by caresocius - subject to legal or contractual retention obligations - as soon as you revoke your consent. We check at regular intervals whether the purpose of storage no longer applies or whether storage is still necessary.

    Caresocius may view data that is specified in the declaration of consent. In principle, only as little data as is necessary to maintain the functionality of the caresocius app can be viewed by the persons authorized to do so.
  • If you complete a health program from caresocius, your data from the respective program is viewable by the health facility where you are receiving treatment, and which uses caresociuis for digital therapy. The same applies to third-party providers of programs offered within the app or to cooperation partners. You grant separate consents for each program you select. This gives you transparency about who can see your data. Generally, only as little data as is absolutely necessary for maintaining the functionality can be viewed by the authorized persons.

  • Data transmission during the video consultation is secured by elaborate TLS encryption that meets the highest security standards.
  • The conversation is stored for security purposes, legal reasons and disputes, but is not accessible, unless a reasonable request is made to the Care-Team. The entire communication between doctor and patient cannot be viewed by the technical service provider of the video consultation. The video consultation is tap-proof, because an end-to-end encrypted connection is established between doctor and patient. This therefore does not go via a third-party server where data could be intercepted. All medical data provided is encrypted and fragmented multiple times, similar to online banking. Each time you chose to select to share a file with a stakeholder in the platform, the algorithms automatically re-encrypt and change the keys to your files, so that the risk of files being compromised is reduced.

The security of patient's data is of the greatest importance to us. When a patient transmits the needed documents online and talk to our specialists, they are protected and encrypted using an SSL certificate. However, please note that every online data transfer poses certain risks. We collect, process and store your data for the purpose of preparing your appointment. Your data is treated as entirely confidential and in strict compliance with Swiss data protection legislation. Except for the people involved in the preparation of your appointment, we will never pass your data on to a third party. You can find all further data protection information in the data declaration.