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Our strategic partners

University of Bahrain
Medical Park Group Turkey
Quironsalud Group Spain
ecenomic development board of Bahrain - EDB

Why they work with us

We connect our patients with partners in their target territory, but we never favor any particular Hospital, Clinic or Agent at the expense of others. By remaining independent, we have clients who trust us worldwide.

Every partner benefit from a free membership option. We do not aim to replace anyone in the industry. We have a transparent attitude towards our partners and patients. With a win-win mindset we aim to optimize services and satisfaction on all sides.

Hand Surgeon - Clinic Bizet

french-flag Paris

« Our partnership with caresocius has enabled us to counter economic changes and reignite the growth of our clinics. The philosophy and solutions are recommended to every physician and clinic manager.»

Dr. Chihab Taleb
Dr. Chihab Taleb
sema gün

« A lot has changed since we started using Caresocius »

Sema Gün

International Marketing Supervisor

marta muriscot

« A software solution that streamlines patient acquisition »

Marta Muriscot

International Business Development

Egle Thomas

«International patients standardization through real innovation »

Egle Thomas

International Relation Manager