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Clinic Hartmann


Paris, France


The Ambroise Paré Pierre Cherest and Hartmann Medical-Surgical Centers are spread over three sites. They are located in Neuilly-sur-Seine, in the immediate vicinity of Porte Maillot. Each year, we welcome nearly 50,000 patients on a full inpatient and outpatient basis. Our three facilities with 400 beds and places have been certified without reservation or recommendation in 2017 by the Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS).



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Are you unsure if treatment can be provided or if it is possible at this facility? Here you will find most of the answers to your questions:

  • If your doctor does not have the required expertise for your treatment or has advised you to have the treatment elsewhere.
  • If you want to find out if there are other treatment options you can use.
  • If different doctors have given you different recommendations and you need help making a decision.
  • If you have received a definite diagnosis or treatment recommendation.
  • If your doctor has recommended major surgery and you want to make sure it is the best way to help you.
  • If you feel your doctor has not given you enough information about your proposed treatment.
  • If the proposed treatment does not promise a significant improvement in your condition.
  • Our experts will be glad to provide you assistance on this matter.

  • Our experts will be glad to provide you assistance on this matter.
  • Fast and reliable: Possibility of treatment within 24 hours, if it’s urgent.
  • Quick Support: Support whenever it is needed. Easy direct communication via mobile application.
  • Secure data exchange and communication with your doctors through our digital patient file system.
  • Give your opinion and share your experience with others in our community.

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