Why Caresocius?

We are the first company to truly enable a border-crossing health experience, from the comfort of your home.

With world-class customer service and a growing community of users, caresocius is the easiest way for clinics to monetize their services and showcase them to a global audience.


Caresocius gives you access to leading doctors from Europe and the Middle East. If you need a second opinion, or are looking for an initial consultation to treat your issues, Caresocius has the right expert for you. Simply signup and book a consultation in 3 clicks!


Caresocius is only working with the best! All doctors in our platform are renowned for their expertise and are verified, not only by us, but also from the NHRA in Bahrain. This makes sure that all doctors in our platform are real and trustworthy.


With Caresocius you don’t have to travel to your doctor: you can communicate from anywhere and at any price-point. We also have secure file-sharing integrated into our services, so you can control what to share and with whom. You can take these files anywhere you go.